Website Development

A good webmaster is like any other quality consultant such as a mechanic, financial advisor, or real estate agent: they help you make the right decision in a complex industry. And just like these other industries, finding a quality web master that you can rely on is daunting. A good webmaster can thoroughly answer questions like:

  • Do I need a shopping cart? If so, which one?
  • Do I need SEO marketing?
  • How should I develop my website copy?
  • How do I build a mailing list?
  • What is the CanSpam Act?
  • What is PCI compliance?
  • How can I manage my own website?
  • Do I need a mobile version of my website?
  • Should I use my AOL account for business emails?
  • Why do my emails keep getting blocked?
  • What is the difference between shared and dedicated environments, and which one should I use?
  • Do I have access to all of my data?
  • What is DNS?
  • Is my website user friendly?

The Wrong Decisions Can Hurt Your Business.

Whether your web master is inexperienced and ignorant of possible solutions, or they employ questionable business practices, the results are the same: your business suffers. When selecting a webmaster, consider these factors:

  • Asset Control. Imagine that you hire a web master to register your domain name and build your website. Later, you find that you need to grow and you want to move to a different I.T. professional. When you try to do so, you find that your domain name is in your web masters name and you don’t have access to your web content. This causes many more headaches and catastrophic situations than you need to deal with. At Aosoft, we maintain your right to your data. If you want to move, you can move. If you want to change, you can change. YOU control your Internet assets, Aosoft supports them.
  • A Range of Choices. Many IT companies or web masters have a limited range of specialization. They know one or two pieces of software, a single environment, or employ a ‘cut-n-paste’ method of web development. This means they will attempt to leverage whatever they know in scenarios that are simply wrong. At Aosoft, we are experienced in multiple software applications and environments and among our most important skills is the ability to research and analyze I.T. solutions. This means that we have the best chance of providing you with quality information about the paths before you.
  • Business Partnership. Imagine that you hire a web company to develop your website. 2 months ofter the job is done, you can’t get them on the phone to make changes that are crucial to your business. When they do finally call you back, it takes them 2 more months to implement your changes. At Aosoft, we understand that your business is an ever changing project and needs regular attention. This is why we focus on providing you control of your data and timely personal attention when you need it.

Talk Is Not Cheap, But It Is Free.

At Aosoft, our consultations are free. Whether you are a new customer or an existing customer, we will always listen to and analyse your goals, then offer multiple options and routes you can take, making sure that you understand the risks and benefits of each choice. Contact us now to get started!