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Guidelines to Help Keep Your Domain Name Safe.

1. Lock Your Domain
Always remember to lock your domain when you are done making any changes. This keeps others from making changes to your domain name without your permission.

2. Contact Information
Always make sure that the Administrative and Registrant contact information for your domain is up to date and reflects you, the owner of the domain. Never let your webmaster or any other person use their information. If you were to loose your password and could not gain access to your account, the contact information is how many registrars verify ownership.

3. Fraudulent Domain Name Requests
Beware of domain name solicitations from companies you are not familiar with. There are companies that attempt to get you to transfer your domain name to their registrar, or trick you into purchasing domain names you may not want. If you get any solicitations from any company regarding your domain name, please feel free to contact Aosoft with any questions or concerns.